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Institute of Legal Regulation

The use of Big Data: A Russian perspective of personal data security

Zharova A. K., Elin V.

Computer Law & Security Review. 2017. Vol. 33. No. 4. P. 482-501.

Book chapter
PERSONAL DATA IN CLOUD. RUSSIA EXPERIENCE. Some features of the legal regulations on the use of personal data in cloud technologies using the example Russian legislation

Elin V., Zharova A. K., Panfilov P.

In bk.: 28 TH DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation. Wien: DAAAM International Vienna, 2017. P. 1136-1142.

About the Institute

The HSE Institute of Legal Regulation was founded in 2009 in order to carry out qualified theoretical and practical legal studies. These studies are aimed at meeting the needs not only of the state, but of other interested parties, including the academic, entrepreneurial and expert communities.

The Institute of Legal Regulation aims to carry out three interconnected tasks:

    Applied research in civil, taxation and budgetary law, as well as education, science and innovation-related law;
  • Legal expertise in complex legal problems following requests from public and non-governmental bodies and organizations;
  • Legal support of projects carried out by other HSE departments (preparation of draft legal regulations; expertise of project results in terms of their compliance with current laws etc.)

Why Do We Need a New Alcohol Code?

Director of the HSE Institute of Legal Regulation explains the need for a separate regulation of alcohol production and trade.

The ‘Legal.Report’ highly appreciated the book of the leading HSE law expert

Fundraising for the HSE Law Expert Book Publication Began on Boomstarter

Ekaterina Alekseevskaya, a leading expert of HSE Institute of Legal Regulation, has launched a book publishing project "Monitoring the Rule of Law and Access to the Court" on a crowdfunding platform. 

Anna Dupan is awarded for her substantial contribution to legal research

Anna Dupan, director of HSE Institute of Legal Regulation, was recently recognized with an award from the rector of HSE, Yaroslav I. Kuzminov, for substantial contribution to the development of applied legal studies of the HSE.

The Alcoholic Beverages Market is Expecting New Rules

On January 14, 2017 Anna Dupan, director of HSE Institute of Legal Regulation, took part in a Gaidar Forum panel discussion on the "Regulatory Options of the Alcohol Market and Their Socio-Economic effects".

Sustainable Development of Our Nation Is a Key Contemporary Issue

On December, 7, 2016 staff members of HSE Institute of Legal Regulation took part in III Congress "Innovations: Science Plus Business", devoted to the issues of cooperation between researchers, industry, innovators, and investors in the making of an effective national innovative infrastructure, creation of a radically new competences of the employees in the market, and the involvement of science in business and vice versa.

Special Investment Contract Should Increase Investment Appeal of Russian Regions

On December, 6, 2016 Anna Dupan, director of HSE Institute of Legal Regulation, took part in the meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with representatives of the Association of European Businesses (AEB). The meeting focused on the innovation that should attract additional investments to our country– Special Investment Contract (SPIC).

Introducing new incentives for foreign manufacturers in Russia

On November, 15, 2016 Anna Dupan, director of HSE Institute of Legal Regulation, took part in the conference of the Russian Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs on the development and implementation of new incentives for foreign manufacturers – Special Investment Contract (SPIC), the localization of production, and overall government support of business in Russia.

Russia Is Looking For Investors Among The Pharmaceutical Companies

The government took another step to encourage investment through public procurement. Rossiyskaya Gazeta Russian newspaper published an article by Anna Dupan, Director of the HSE Institute of Legal Regulation. 

Can You Trust The Transboundary Trust Space

The HSE Institute of Legal Regulation participated in the drafting of the UNCITRAL Convention on the Transboundary Trust Space in cross-border electronic interaction, which became an Annex to the Compendium of Materials for Transboundary Trust Space.