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Scholars of HSE Faculty of Law are currently working on a number of research projects:

Arzamasov Y.

Normography: theory and methodology in legal standards


 Arzamasov Y.G. (DOC, 38 Кб)


Bogdanovskaya I.Brazhnik T.Zhuravlev M. Savelyev A. Nurullaev R.Kalyatin V.

Legal Aspects of the Social Impact of Information Technologies Development 


 Bogdanovskaya I. J. (DOC, 53 Кб)


Danilov S.

Italy-Germany. A study in dictatorships and its overcoming: a view from 21st age


 Danilov S.U. (DOC, 47 Кб)


Erpyleva N.Getman-Pavlova I.Kasatkina A.Kalugina S.Karimova L.Kobahidze D.

Impacts of Codification and Unification Processes on Private International Law’ Selected Institutions Evolution 


 Erpyleva N. (DOC, 35 Кб)


Isakov V.

Legal analyst


 Isakov V. (DOC, 29 Кб)


Lukyanova E.

On the Rule of Law in the Context of Russian Foreign Policy


 Lukyanova E.A. (DOC, 56 Кб)


Poldnikov D.

Books of Law: The Formation and Transmission of the Western Legal Tradition. Contribution on prof. Dmitry MEJER's Course of (Russian) Civil Law


 Poldnikov D. (DOC, 43 Кб)


Rusinova V.

Implementation by Russia of European Court of Human Rights decisions


 Rusinova V. (DOC, 29 Кб)


Safonov A.,Tumanova A.,Androschuk V. 

Institutionalization of human rights in the context of modernization of the state and legal system of Russia in the beginning of the 20-th century


 Safonov A. (DOC, 39 Кб)


Soboleva A.

Creation of the conditions for the realization of the social potential of elderly people on municipal level”


 Soboleva A.K. (DOC, 47 Кб)


Tumanova A. 

The state and civil society in the conditions of adaptation of the political and legal system of Russia to the World War I”


 Tumanova A. (DOC, 38 Кб)


Vlasenko, S., Voronkov, N. 

Semantic relations of proximity between terms of law


 Vlasenko, Svetlana V., Voronkov, Nikita S. (DOC, 42 Кб)