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The Dawn of a Discipline: International Criminal Justice and Its Early Exponents

Bogush G.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020.

Understanding Russia’s foreign policy behavior in the context of the conflict in Ukraine

Krasnyak O.

Пути к миру и безопасности. 2023. Vol. 64. No. 1. P. 215-220.

Book chapter
Semiotic and Legal Analysis of Flags in Russia: Belonging to a Multi-National Federal State Through Color, Form, Space and Time

Erokhina Y., Soboleva A. K.

In bk.: Flags, Color, and the Legal Narrative: Public Memory, Identity, and Critique. Springer, 2021. Ch. 17. P. 333-351.

Working paper
Introducing Patent Linkage in Russia: An Odd Choice at Odd Times

Gavrilova O., Kotova D.

BRICS Competition Law and Policy Series. WP 22. Higher School of Economics, 2021

Introduction to Anglo-American Law

Academic Year
Instruction in English
ECTS credits
Elective course
2 year, 4 module


Domrin, Alexander

Domrin, Alexander

Course Syllabus


The purpose of special course “Introduction to English and American Law” (in English) is to introduce the origins of English and American law, its sources and foundations, the basics of constitutional systems of Great Britain and the USA, American federalism, legal education and legal practice, legal culture of the Americans and the British (in comparison with other countries, including Russia), legal and political implications of British membership in the European Union (as well as the Brexit process), other topical issues of contemporary English and American law..