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Moscow, 3 Bolshoy Trekhsvyatitelsky Pereulok, rooms 227, 228b

Professor Vera Rusinova

Head of the School of International Law
E-mail: vrusinova@hse.ru

Professor Daria Boklan

Deputy Head of the School of International Law
E-mail: dboklan@hse.ru

Svetlana Smirnova
Manager Svetlana Smirnova

E-mail: svetlana.smirnova@hse.ru

Law of International Trade in the Region of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia

Aliyev A., Babkina E., Dmitrikova E. et al.

Brill, Nijhoff, 2022.

Article 17.6(ii) of the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement: Waiting for Chekhov’s Gun to Go Off

Rovnov Y.


Book chapter
Russian Approaches to International Law
In press

Rusinova V.

In bk.: The Oxford Handbook of International Law in Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2024. Ch. 22. P. 1-21.

Working paper

Rusinova V., Sergei K.

Law. LAW. Высшая школа экономики, 2021

"Secrets of success" from V. Rusinova

On 30 November 2023, Professor V.N. Rusinova conducted a training session for undergraduate students on how to write a term paper.

"Secrets of success" from V. Rusinova

© V.Rusinova

The training was based on the idea of the difference between an essay and a research paper, which can be either a term paper or a "diploma", or an article or even a dissertation. Thus, an essay is a logical, structured work that systematises information on a certain topic and contains the author's own assessment of the information presented. A research paper also fulfils these criteria, but, unlike an abstract, it is a study, the results of which contribute to the development of a certain topic: a study, unlike an abstract, generates new knowledge.

The speaker shared five "secrets of success" for writing any research paper, highlighting: the value of understanding one's own "mission", formulating a research question, conscious selection of methodology and methods, proper search for sources, information, and empirical materials, and, finally, the importance of writing a paper in a problem-based rather than descriptive style.

The participants of the training shared their impressions.

Nikita Romanov:
"The advice that the term paper should reflect the student's desire to help people is the most important. Also, it was very useful to learn about different writing methods and sources of information. In addition, I remembered that the term paper should not be descriptive".

Daria Shishkanova:
"It was really very useful - the information was either new to me or helped me to better understand what I had previously heard about in general terms. It became clearer in which direction to work further. I found the advice about mission important - I thought about it, as I initially chose the topic mainly because of academic interest. Specific examples of research questions were valuable for me, which showed me how to formulate it correctly in order to come to new knowledge. I will also use sources on international law - not all of them I knew".