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Workshops on International Investment Law and the Rule of Law

Event ended

On 14, 15, 17 of May 2018

Dr. Velimir Živković, MJur (Oxon),

an academic researcher in Humboldt University of Berlin

will hold a series of master classes on the topic

“International Investment Law and the Rule of Law”

  at the Law Faculty of the HSE

 by invitation of the Master Program

“Law in International Trade, Finance and Economic Integration ”.



Velimir Zivkovic is a postdoctoral fellow within the Research Group “The international rule of law – Rise or Decline?“ He recently has got his PhD in Law at the London School of Economicson the topic of normative reimagining of international investment arbitration as a tool to enhance the national rule of law. He graduated cum laude from undergraduate (2008) and LL.M studies (2009) at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, before completing Magister Juris studies at the University of Oxford (University College) in 2011, with Distinction and Best Overall MJur Performance Proxime Accessit prize. From 2012 he has been an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Comparative Law in Belgrade, where he is still a foreign-affiliated researcher. Other activities include consultancy positions for World Bank and Swiss government projects on improving the rule of law in South-East Europe, and involvement with the Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration moot as a two time student participant with University of Belgrade and three times coach of the LSE Vis Moot team.


14 May 2018

18:10 – Masterclass “International Rule of Law and the Role of International Investment Law”

·        Defining International Rule of Law – the requirements and the contexts in which it applies

·        The often-raised challenges – ambiguity and lack of enforcement

·        The outline of the IIL regime and its critical aspects

·        The role of IIL within the broader picture of International Rule of Law

15 May 2018

18:10 Masterclass “The Strengths of International Investment Law as a Rule of Law Enhancer”

·     The narratives of IIL as a tool to secure the rule of law

·     A procedural strength – investor-State arbitration as a powerful enforcement mechanism

·     A substantive strength – fair and equitable treatment standard as embodying the rule of law principles

17 May 2018

18:10 – Masterclass  The Weaknesses and Challenges – What Does the Future Hold?”

·     Procedural challenges – consistency, transparency, arbitral bias

·     Substantive challenges – adapting the international rule of law principles to

        national setting and the role of domestic rule of law mechanisms

-      What does the future hold? The stories of evolution and revolution


All masterclasses will take place in the conference-hall of the Faculty of Law (room 311).

Address: Moscow, Bolshoy Trekhsvyatitelsky per. 3, Faculty of Law, HSE

Working language is English.


For participation in the masterclass /or  in a series of masterclasses,

please, proceed to the Registration.

If you need a pass to enter the building, please, send by e-mail your surname and  name to Tatyana Zhukova: tzhukova@hse.ru and please, do not forget to bring your passport or ID to the event.


We look forward to seeing you!