Faculty of Law

International Terrorism Discussed at Faculty of Law

On December 7, 2015, a roundtable discussion on ‘International Terrorism Today: a Global Challenge for the International Community’ took place at the Faculty of Law.

This discussion attracted scholars from various academic departments of HSE, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Russian Foreign Trade Academy, as well as diplomatic representatives of various countries, and students.

Eduard Ivanov, Professor at the Faculty of Law, analyzed specific features of international terrorism today. Based on his research, he suggested recognising global terrorist organizations as liable parties under international law, and creating an International tribunal for crimes committed by global terrorist organizations. The main task of the tribunal would be to identify organizations whose members commit terror crimes as global terrorist organizations. The tribunal could be created on the basis of a UN Security Council resolution and work in close collaboration with the UN.

The resolutions of this tribunal should carry force both at a national and international level. Its resolutions can have prejudicial importance for national courts. In criminal procedures, only a person’s participation in or administration of an international terrorist organization will have to be proved. The criminal nature of the organization will be considered as already proven.

Professor Leonid Syukiyaynen’s presentation was dedicated to the role of Islamic ideology in fighting terrorism. The paper emphasized that terrorist organizations use separate Islamic dogmas taken out of context to propagate their ideas, and distort the essence of one of the main global religions. The speaker stressed that it is necessary to translate and distribute works by outstanding Islamic religious leaders and scholars who have different views and disapprove of terrorist activities. This process could be organized internationally with the participation of interested countries. It is important that Islam becomes our ally in fighting terrorism.

Svetlana Glotova, associate professor at the MSU Faculty of Law, presented a paper examining the role of international justice in fighting terrorism, the possible advantages of using the International Criminal Court, and the creation of specialized international tribunals.